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After Rilke is the culmination of more than five year's work. I began thinking about the sounds of words (rather than their meanings) the summer of 2001 while reading from bpNichol’s whimsical translations of both Catullus and Apollinaire. It was these works that got me going, opened my mind to other possibilities. However, it was Louis Zukofsky’s Catullus that asked me to put pen to paper. I’m unsure when Rilke’s The Voices entered in, but it was early on. Only later did Spicer begin to help me re-arrange the furniture – the Martians have been with me ever since. As you know, we are the 'future poets' that Jack spoke of, and this work is meant to correspond with his.

After Rilke

  • After Rilke · To Forget You Sang: 5.25 X 7.75 inches, 48 pages, perfect bound into gloss wraps


    Trade Edition

    ISBN 978-1-897388-21-1


    BookThug, 2008

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