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“I believe that Goldstein has done something important and revivifying that honors both the female experience and Kafka. By a shift of pronoun the work humanizes conceptual writing as a method, and gives it needed empathy. Also, our classic trials are invited to dramatize from the other gender, while nodding respectfully to great literature. These are good things. I see Her Process as an autonomous work building from tradition.” – Phil Hall


Her Process is a transtranslation of the seminal Muir edition of Franz Kafka's The Trial. In it, the gender of the protagonist is reconceived and hence “Someone must have named Josephine Kay, for without having done anything wrong, one fine morning, she was arrested.”


Her Process is the companion work to Part Thief, Part Carpenter, a book-length collection of poetry, essays, and interviews on appropriation and transtranslation.


Beautiful Outlaw, 2020/21

ISBN 978-0-9921250-8-0

Her Process

SKU: 0002
  • Her Process: 5.25 X 7.75 inches, 248 pages, perfect bound into die cut wraps with flaps


    Limited Edition


    Beautiful Outlaw, Fall/ Winter 2020–2021

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