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Tracelanguage: a Shared Breath is a serial poem made up of six cycles all of which correspond with Paul Celan’s 1967 book of poetry, Atemwende. Here, his work is re-inscribed via a transmutation of word material found or developed from within the original text. These poems are elegiac in nature. A language of landscape figures prominently in the work, one where the ‘trace’ of Tracelanguage gauges Celan’s music amid the rubble of its German, post Shoa.


This limited edition hardcover of Tracelanguage was printed at Coach House Press then cased and bound by the master book binder, Michael Torosian, at Lumiere Press.  

Tracelanguage · Hardcover

  • Tracelanguage: 5.25 X 7.75 inches, 112 pages, hardcover, bound by Lumiere Press


    Limited Edition


    BookThug, 2010

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